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What to Expect at the Satori Data Leader Summit 2022 on April 21 & 22

Satori Data Leader Summit 2022

The Satori Data Leader Summit is focused on accelerating data-driven innovation and growth while ensuring security, privacy, and compliance.

Who is Satori?

Satori 106Satori offers data management and security product designed to enable secure data access to organizations of varying sizes. The product features continuous visibility and mapping for data flows and data stores, activity-based discovery and classification of data in real-time, data security through granular, field-level data access controls and anomaly detection, and compliance through monitoring and data privacy enforcement. Satori integrates into any cloud or hybrid environment without impacting existing user and application access.

What is Satori Data Leader Summit 2022?

The Satori Data Leader Summit will show you how to engineer security, privacy, and compliance at scale. It will also enable you to learn about the key considerations for data privacy across different industries. Designed for data engineers, data architects, and data security, privacy, and compliance leaders, this event features hands-on workshops for connecting with other practitioners.

Why Attend?

Attendees gain access to thought leaders from hyper-growth startups and innovative Fortune 500 companies. There are Best Practices workshops as well aimed at helping you protect sensitive financial data, PII, and PHI across your data operations and infrastructure. Featured speakers include Satori Founder and CEO Eldad Chai, Founder and CTO Yoav Cohen, and more.


What: Satori Data Leader Summit 2022

When: April 21 & 22, 2022

Where: Virtual meeting (see registration page for more details)

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