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Data Management Best Selling Books

Solutions Review has compiled a cross-section of the best selling books on the subject of Master Data Management. Below you will find a library of books from recognized experts in the field of Data Management covering topics ranging from Enterprise Information Management to Data Warehousing and Data Governance.

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Data Management for Researchers: Organize, Maintain and Share Your Data for Research Success

A comprehensive guide to everything scientists need to know about data management, this book is essential for researchers who need to learn how to organize, document and take care of their own data.

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Data Management

Data Management offers an in-depth, fully integrated coverage of data modeling and SQL that distinguishes it from other texts on this topic. The intertwining of data modeling and SQL is pedagogically effective in providing students with the essentials skills for data analytics.

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Master Data Management and Data Governance

Regain control of your master data and maintain a master-entity-centric enterprise data framework using the detailed information in this authoritative guide. Master Data Management and Data Governance, Second Edition provides up-to-date coverage of the most current architecture and technology views and system development and management methods.

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Data Governance: How to Design, Deploy and Sustain an Effective Data Governance Program

What you will find in this book is an overview of why data governance is needed, how to design, initiate, and execute a program and how to keep the program sustainable. With the provided framework and case studies you will be enabled and educated in launching your very own successful and money saving data governance program.

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Data Management: Databases & Organizations

The Fifth Edition will help you design and create relational databases, formulate complex SQL queries, understand OLAP, use SQL with Java, learn how to use XML, and prepare yourself for the real world of data management.

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The DAMA Guide to the Data Management Body of Knowledge

Provides data management and IT professionals, executives, knowledge workers, educators, and researchers with a framework to manage their data and mature their information infrastructure.

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Principles of Data Management: Facilitating Information Sharing

This professional reference guide covers all the key areas of data management including database development, data quality and corporate data modelling.

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Non-Invasive Data Governance

Non-Invasive Data Governance™ focuses on formalizing existing accountability for the management of data and improving formal communications, protection, and quality efforts through effective stewarding of data resources.

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Modern Database Management

Modern Database Management presents sound pedagogy, and topics that are critical for the practical success of database professionals. The Twelfth Edition further facilitates learning with illustrations that clarify important concepts and new media resources that make some of the more challenging material more engaging.

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Enterprise Master Data Management: An SOA Approach to Managing Core Information

Enterprise Master Data Management provides an authoritative, vendor-independent MDM technical reference for practitioners: architects, technical analysts, consultants, solution designers, and senior IT decisionmakers.

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Multi-Domain Master Data Management: Advanced MDM and Data Governance in Practice

Multi-Domain Master Data Management delivers practical guidance and specific instruction to help guide planners and practitioners through the challenges of a multi-domain master data management (MDM) implementation.

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Clinical Analytics and Data Management for the DNP

A progressive case study illustrates multiple techniques throughout each chapter, enabling students to apply what they have learned to their own DNP projects. The book features information from professors who are highly experienced in teaching CDM as well as a renowned scholar of population health analytics.

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