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Accenture Announces Acquisitions of Sentor and Trivadis AG

Accenture Acquires Advoco, an Infor EAM Integrator

Accenture Announces Acquisitions of Sentor and Trivadis AG

Accenture announced its intent to acquire Sweden-based cybersecurity company Sentor and automation and data provisioning company Trivadis AG, according to press releases on the company’s website. The financial terms of either acquisition were not disclosed.

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On the Sentor acquisition, Accenture Security’s Global Managing Director Kelly Bissell stated: “With the daily barrage of cyberattacks, it’s time for organizations to take a new view on managing cyber risks. Securing a business ecosystem can’t be piecemeal; it takes the right talent, investments and technology know-how. The acquisition of Sentor further expands our ability to help clients match this challenging cybersecurity environment. We are excited about what we can achieve together to help organizations in Sweden become more resilient.”

Accenture is a managed service provider for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud offering cloud services and cloud-based solutions involving strategy, consulting, and operations. They provide help with security, scalability, migration, and agility, as well as defining support roles and using automation to infuse intelligence into IT service delivery. Accenture’s cloud services range from general-purpose for all enterprises to vertical-specific solutions that are tailor-made for businesses in different industries, with a reach that spans across the globe.

Accenture Cloud First lead Karthik Narain said of the Trivadis AG acquisition: “Data’s worth depends on its accessibility and application. Cloud is the only place where data gains scale, agility and the power to drive reinvention so business can soar. Data is the vital source of business value today. However, the power of data can be limited if locked in legacy, on-premises platforms. Acquiring Trivadis will strengthen our ability to help clients blend data from different sources together in real-time, build agile reporting, and leverage analytics and AI to create broadly accessible customer, market and operational insights that deliver meaningful business outcomes.”

Learn more about Accenture’s Sentor acquisition here and the Trivadis AG acquisition here.

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